Design Consultant & Mentor, Specialising in the Ed-Tech field

Helping teams communicate their content & products more effectively. Mentoring & Teaching Practical Design Tools for Teachers | Developers | Entrepreneurs 

With 15+ years of integrated experience as a design leader, lecturer & content manager .

The things I do

Design Strategy

Visual Content Characterisation, Marketing Strategy & Branding Process

Data Visualization

Online learning visual material design | Instructional design | Data + Pitch Presentations | Info-Graphics


Online web classes | Web platforms | Web Marketing Pages | Social Media, Add, News-letter & e-mail campaigns

We'll take it step by step


#1 Inspiration

Collecting Data: Briefing & market research | Challenges + Opportunities Recognition | Targeting referencing & differentiating


#2 Ideation

Design thinking | Scenario planning | Story-telling | Concept Cracking | Visual Polishing | Publishing


#3 Implementation

Translating & communicating design language  to all mediums & platforms | Design Tools

I've been around

I have been working in the field of marketing design for over 15 years helping teams  communicate their products and reach their market more effectively with a rich, diverse & constantly updated design tool box. As part of this journey I have been managing projects and visual content  in the fields of design and innovation at leading institutes such as The Porter School of Environmental Studies Tel Aviv University, Israeli Green Building Council & at The design school of the College of Management Academic Studies. Parallel to my design skills & services I am teaching and mentoring design courses and hands-on workshops for over 13 years at leading design academic institutes. 

I am always happy to meet new people, study new products and join the ride bringing in my experience, design tools and perspective. I believe that establishing a good, reliable lasting relationship, is a key factor for both the design process and effective results. 

How do you want us to work together?