Design Consultant & Mentor


Unlocking your abilities to communicate your assets to your potential audience effectively. With 15+ years of integrated experience as a design leader, design lecturer & content manager in leading institutes. 

Employment History

Self Employed Designer & Design Consultant

Sep, 2003 – Present

Design Strategy | Visual Content Characterisation, Marketing Strategy & Branding Process.
Data Visualisation | Online learning visual material design | Instructional design | Data + Pitch Presentations | Info-Graphics. 
Implementation  | Online web classes | Web platforms | Web Marketing Pages | Social Media, Add, News-letter & e-mail campaigns
Consultation & Mentoring | Working Teams & Students

"Design for Non Designers" Lecturer + Course Content Developer


Sep, 2019 – Present

Content Developer + Design Lecture
Hands-on 3 h intensive workshop. Teaching method that grants  access and unlocks the abilities of non-designers to design and create content independently.

Content Developer & Project Leader - Innovative Design Programs

List of Academic Courses I've Developed & Led

Design Foundations Studio:

Inspiration / Abstraction / Manipulation Format: Two weekly three-hour sessions.

Eco-Design Foundations

From shallow to deep ecology. Design study-cases, methods & practice. Life Cycles, Public Intervention, Open Source & Share-ability. Format: Two weekly three-hour sessions.

Communal/Environmental Product Design Studio

Based on hands-on problem solving challenges, collaborations and community participation methods. Format: Two weekly three-hour sessions.

Info-Graphics For Non - Designer

Practical Tools for non Designers BA Students

Public Space Design

Based on real challenges & collaborations with industries, authorities and communities. Hands on problem solving design process based on community participation methodologies. Format: Semestral design studio course, Two weekly four hour sessions.

Design Semantics for Design students

Developing & practicing observation, analysing skill and critical thinking ability. Format: One weekly three-hour sessions.

Design Lecturer + Course Content Developer

@ College of Management Academic Studies – School of Design

Sep, 2013 – Sep, 2017

Design Lecture and Course Developer.
Hands-on | Project Based Learning Methodologies. 
Community Design Studio – Design based on communities participation in the research and design process. 
Eco-Public Design – Design oriented for specific public spaces and centers, hands on projects where the design process and outcomes are specified to solve actual community problems.

Design Lecturer + Course Content Developer

@ Holon Institute of Technology – Faculty of Design

Sep, 2004 – Sep, 2010

Design Lecture and Course Developer.
Design Fundamentals Interdisciplinary method & approach. Interdisciplinary course specified for 1st year students of 3 different design departments: Product Design | Visual Communication Design | Interior Design.

Product Design Studies Program Developer. Course Development & Design Lecturer

@ Holon Institute of Technology – External Product Design Studies

Sep, 2010 – Sep, 2015

New Design Studies Program Developer. Course Development & Design Lecturer. 
List of my courses:
– Design Fundamentals Studio Course.  – two 4h sessions a week – semester studio. 
– Eco-Product Design Fundamentals. – two 4h sessions a week – semester studio.
– Community Product Design studio Course.
– Semantics for Designers.

Design Lecturer + Course Content Developer

@ College of Management Academic Studies – Communication School

Sep, 2010 – Sep, 2015

Design and Info Graphics for 3rd year communication students.
3 h per week – semester – workshop
Teaching design and designing specific products, using resources and design tools for non designers. 

Design Lecturer

@ “Hamechina” Preparatory Design Institute

Sep, 2003 – Sep, 2005

Design Fundamentals & Portfolio Mentoring

Project Coordinator

@ Israeli Green Building Council (ILGBC)

Sep, 2012 – Sep, 2014

Coordinating and Hosting Special, Professional, Academic Seminars & Retreats. The main goal was connecting between the academic ecological knowledge and research with the industries activities and business models through series of special seminars and retreats. 

My Education

Master's Program Thesis Track (MA/MSc)

Oct, 2007 – July, 2011

@ Tel Aviv University

A unique program for an interdisciplinary, research focused Master’s Degree
2011: Received an excellence award and a scholarship in memory of Efrat Pompas from the Tel Aviv University, Porter School of Environmental Studies. The award was granted to researchers in the field of Urban Renewal and Green Building, based on excellence in the MA program and the Research work.

Bachelor of Industrial Design (B.I.D.)

Oct, 2000 – July, 2004

@ Holon Institute of Technology

Received an excellence award and a scholarship in memory of Inbar Atia for the final design project: “Safe Bus Station”.

Skills & Tools

Adobe Creative Sui
Enlight Media Apps Suit
I-Movie, Quick, Video Leap
Design for WordPress
Design With Elementor
Design With WIX
Microsoft Office
Google Cloud Platform
Adobe Acrobat Pro

I've been around

I have been working in the field of marketing design for over 15 years helping teams  communicate their products and reach their market more effectively with a rich, diverse & constantly updated design tool box. As part of this journey I have been managing projects and visual content  in the fields of design and innovation at leading institutes such as The Porter School of Environmental Studies Tel Aviv University, Israeli Green Building Council & at The design school of the College of Management Academic Studies. Parallel to my design skills & services I am teaching and mentoring design courses and hands-on workshops for over 13 years at leading design academic institutes. 

I am always happy to meet new people, study new products and join the ride bringing in my experience, design tools and perspective. I believe that establishing a good, reliable lasting relationship, is a key factor for both the design process and effective results. 

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