A good

user experience

[ ju:zə(r) ɪkˈspɪəriəns ] ~noun

Feeling secured, as if at home, in the midst of a fresh new exciting adventure.

Together we define & create your new engaging digital assets, driven by positive impact.

Hey I’m Maya, 

A Design Lead & Consultant

I help teams plan, build & communicate products to potential audiences  effectively. Together we define & create your new engaging digital assets, driven by positive impact.

With 20 years of integrated experience as a design leader, design lecturer & content manager in leading institutes & organizations. 
I’ve Worked With
What I Do


I’ll guide your team through the whole design process.

Discovery, strategy, ideating, planning, designing and prototyping, user check production and launch. 


Facilitating the projects discovery stage, defining strategic approach and planning the products . Building strong and effective foundations to kick off  design development of products and marketing assets.


Expanding your brand assets. Implementation of your brand spirit and language by designing user experiences and interfaces of varied relevant digital platforms and mediums.


Facilitating sprint design workshops customized for your project and team’s needs. 

The workshop is a collaborative and engaging remote format which help us focus and speed up design processes and align all team members and influencers with unified goals, milestones and strategy foundations. We are able to hack user experiences, key user flows, brand strategy, content and even a whole brand language, effectively, in just few fun hours.


Improving your design process & teamwork: Creating
workflows & work templates, providing access to design resources and tools and helping you define and manage your design processes. Giving you & your team the capability to maintain on-going marketing design content and digital platforms update, independently.


Systematic design of instructional specifications. Analysis of learning needs and goals and development of designed simple to use user experiences and systems. 

Instructional materials, activities, digital learning format and user experiences, educational and training programs, system interfaces and dashboards, infographics. 

Tools I Use
We’ll Take It Step by Step

Trust the process

#1 Brief, discovery & research

Collecting Data: Briefing & market research | Challenges + Opportunities Recognition | Targeting referencing & differentiating

#2 Design strategy & ideation

Design thinking | Scenario planning | Story-telling | Concept Cracking |Branding | Creative 

#3 architecture & design UX | UI

Content characterization | product architecture | wire framing | layouts | graphic and interface design | Infographics | Graphic elements and templates production  

#4 Production & implementation

Production & development supervision | Translating & communicating design language  to all mediums & platforms | Design Tools

My Key Design Principal

A positive significant experience is constructed from two opposed qualities ; the known and the unknown. A sense of home and a sense of an adventure. Together they provide a complete positive experience.

We love feeling safe and to be  familiar with our surrounding, but we are also curious creatures that are triggered to explore the unfamiliar, to develop, expand and sense new fresh experiences.

This is one of my key principals when designing experiences:

Creating a safe & secure state in the midst of a new adventurous experience.

Home-Safe Elements Include:


Easy navigation & immediate orientation


Consistency and familiarity 


Simplicity, clear hierarchy, readability & explicit logic


Sense of control

Adventurous Elements Include:


Story telling


Triggering Emotions by color, visuals & typography


Innovative, up to date and fresh design


Being led, surrender

About Me

I have been working in the field of visual design for 20 years, helping teams communicate their products and reach their market more effectively with a rich, diverse & constantly updated design tool box. As part of this journey I have been managing projects and visual content  in the fields of design and innovation at leading organizations and academic institutes. Parallel to my design skills & services I am facilitating and mentoring design courses and hands-on workshops for over 15 years at leading design academic institutes and in the private tech sector. 

I am always happy to meet new people, study new products and join the ride bringing in my experience, design tools and perspective. I believe that establishing a good, reliable lasting relationship, is a key factor for both the design process and effective results. 

Design Mission Traits


Discovery | Market research | Referencing | Differentiating | Brain storming | Branding | Creative | Storytelling | Content characterization | Persona mapping | User experience | Design principals | Architecture | Wire-framing | user journeys - flows | User testing


Soft skills: &Communication | Positivity | Responsibility | Team work | Leadership | Problem solving | Listening | Sense of humor | Time management | Creative thinking 


Facilitation tools | Collaborative design and planning platforms | Collaborative management software | Prototype tools | Design tools