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Leading the Eco-Public design studio at the School of Design and Innovation – College of Management , Academic Studies.

This course is always based on a corporation with an identified community and the academic studio.

After we meet and get to know the selected community by interviewing people, we start to explore the environment by documenting and mapping it subjectively and objectively. We lear a lot about the community needs and about the social – spacial constraints and opportunities. The mapping process is very helpful tool for documenting and identifying different aspects and social – spacial layers for later integration and intervention.

This post contains some examples of Space Syntax analysis from different  design courses and community corporations, which is a basic and significant part of my teaching methodology in the field of social  design. This structural objective stage is an effective tool for learning and designing  all kinds of spaces,  but when dealing with public space, that are by nature are less predicted and more complex,  it is, in my opinion, a crucial and a must have design tool.

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