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Place-making With Local Youth

Lets get them out to the streets. Inspire them to hang , walk, talk, feel each other live and kicking! Outdoors. Public. These are amazing magical  teen years of a sweet first kiss, body street independency , navigation, looking in the eyes, dancing, singing, drowning or swimming in mixed emotions,  weird proportions . Soooo…. how can we (adults) get there bodies out of their private walls? And their eyes Up from there advanced tiny screen? Well… I’m not sure but I do the best I can. I teach these beautiful 14 years old teens to dream and reason together , direct communication, brane-storm, plan and build by themselves their own ideas and there own public meeting place…this project took place In a  public shelter. A place you go to only at war times… We made a center out of it, of communication and love for ourselves and for our neighbors. What is most important is that they are getting out , walking and meeting there at least once a week… this project has a huge significance for me, it creates deep quiet movement.

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